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Denon DCM-500AE

Denon DCM-500AE
Ditambahkan pada : June 5th, 2013
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Denon DCM-500AE cd player 5 disc, NOS harga saleee

Kondisi Barang : New
Harga : call or sms  langsung
Lokasi Seller : DKI Jakarta
SOLD OUT ,thanks

Jual cepat aja gan ,barang baguss n new (benar2 barang baru ,hanya dus saja kumel)For fast response call /sms :0811805167 /02137871277

CD-R/RW playback / MP3 and WMA decorders / Advanced multi level noise shapping DAC / 8-times oversampling digital filter / Remote control in/out / Full selection of program playback 3-mode random playback

Compact Disc

MP3 Playback

A compressed audio format that is popular for downloading across the internet. Files may be recorded on CD-R or CD-RW media for playback in compatible DVD players, audio CD players, and CD-ROM drives. Files are usually named as “*.mp3″. Sound quality varies as a function of the recording/encoding bit rate. For a high fidelity home audio system, its recommended to use MP3s encoded at no less than 256 kbps data rate. Anything less would mean too much compression was used at the cost of sound fidelity. See also WMA files compatibility with DVD and CD players.

WMA files compatibility with DVD and CD players.

Windows Media Audio (WMA) is a proprietary compressed audio file format developed by Microsoft. It was initially a competitor to the MP3 format, but with the introduction of Apple’s iTunes Music Store, it has positioned itself as a competitor to the Advanced Audio Coding format used by Apple. It is part of the Windows Media framework.

A WMA file is almost always encapsulated in an Advanced Systems Format (ASF) file. The resulting file may have the filename suffix”wma” or “asf” with the “wma” suffix being used only if the file is strictly audio. The ASF file format specifies how metadata about the file is to be encoded, akin to the ID3 tags used by MP3 files.

Files in this format are mainly played using Windows Media Player, Winamp (with certain limitations, DSP plugin support and DirectSound output is disabled using the default WMA plugin) and many other alternative media players.

The most current version of the format is Windows Media Audio 10 which includes specific codecs for lossless, multi-channel surround sound and voice encoding in addition to the main lossy codec. Both constant and variable bit rate encoding are supported.

Denon DVD players can play CDR’s or CDRW’s with WMA and MP3 files burnt on them as long as they have been burnt using a slow speed, recommended x4 speed

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