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Denon X520 BT all new garansi ,doby atmos

Denon X520 BT all new garansi ,doby atmos
Ditambahkan pada : July 29th, 2016
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x520BT a


Harga super murah dan berkualitas
Features – AVR-X520BT

The perfect combination of high performance and high value, the Denon AVR-X520BT delivers superb sonic fidelity along with a host of advanced features that includes compatibility with the latest HDMI specification, along with the latest HDCP 2.2 specification thats required for 4K Ultra HD copy-protected content. The video section features 5 HDMI inputs, 3 of which feature 4K Ultra HD/60 Hz full frame rate and 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling pass-through for the ultimate home theater experience. Our exclusive Denon Setup Assistant quickly and easily guides you through the setup process, which includes automated speaker configuration and optimization using the supplied measuring microphone. Featuring Bluetooth wireless audio streaming, the AVR-X520BT is also equipped with a convenient USB port on the front panel for streaming your favourite tracks and charging your portable device, and the Denon 500 Series Remote App lets you control the unit via your Bluetooth device.
Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
The AVR-X520BT features Bluetooth streaming, supporting Bluetooth-equipped devices that support the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). Simply select the AVR-X520BT from your devices Bluetooth menu to turn on the receiver and start playing your music. The AVR-X520BT can remember up to 8 paired Bluetooth devices, so family and friends can listen to their favourite tracks.

PicturePicture Featuresclose
UpscalingDoes the AV receiver feature upscaling? This improves the picture quality of all sources by increasing the number of lines via the HDMI output. 4K is currently the highest resolution followed by 1080p and then 1080i.No
3D ReadyAre the HDMI sockets able to pass through 3D signals?Yes
SoundSound Featuresclose
ChannelsThe number of channels. 2 or 2.1 systems are used by stereo receivers. 5.1 is the basic surround standard. 6.1 adds a rear centre. 7.1 adds side effect speakers. 9.1 adds further ‘high’ front effect speakers. .2 adds a second subwoofer for more even, balanced bass. 5.2.1 etc show Atmos channels.5.2
Power OutputMaximum power output per channel – RMS into 8 ohms70 x 5
Dolby ProLogicDolby analogue surround sound system – for TV and video. Pro-Logic II features stereo effect rears, whilst Pro-Logic IIx can output in 6.1 or 7.1. Pro-Logic IIz is the latest system and enables greater flexibility in expanding a 5.1 playback system to 7.1, or a 7.1 system to 9.1.ProLogic II
Dolby DigitalDolby Digital Surround works from a digital source such as DVD player or Blu-ray player.Yes
Dolby HDHigh Definition Dolby decoding that is designed to get the very best from high resolution sources such as Blu-ray.Yes
DTSDigital Theatre System – a rival to Dolby Digital.Yes
DTS HDDTS-HD High Resolution Audio delivers sound even more accurate and consistent than standard DTS. It has been designed to extract the most from HD-DVD and Blu-ray. DTS-HD Master Audio takes this one step further and is capable of delivering audio that is bit-for-bit identical to the original.Yes
DTS:XThe current flagship DTS processor. Like Dolby Atmos it renders sound in a more immersive fashion. Unlike Atmos, it doesn’t require a specific speaker configuration.No
THXTHX certification ensures a high standard of performance. Select, Select2 and Select2 Plus certify small systems while Ultra, Ultra2 and Ultra2 Plus certify home cinema systems designed to be used in larger rooms. “2” is the current standard with “2 Plus” adding additional THX technologies such as loudness level control.No
HDMI AudioDoes the HDMI interface carry multi-channel audio? Only newer versions of HDMI carry multi-channel audio as well as video signals.Yes
Dolby AtmosDolby Atmos takes surround sound to a new level. By using high level speakers, Dolby Atmos enhances the feeling of being surrounded by sound. Firmware update may be required for some models.No
ConnectionsConnection Featuresclose
HDMINumber of HDMI inputs/outputs. Number that will accept HDCP 2.2 is in brackets. This is the standard required for Ultra HD Blu-ray5 in/1 out (HDCP 2.2 – 3/1)
USBNumber of USB sockets.1
PC InputCan a computer be plugged in via a D-SUB VGA socket?No
ComponentNumber of Component inputs.No
CompositeNumber of composite video inputs.2 in/1 out
Multi-Channel InputDoes it have a multi-channel analogue input? – uses 6,9 or 11 RCA phono sockets and allows for the connection of Blu-ray players with built-in digital decoders.No
Coaxial InputsNumber of coaxial digital inputs to input digital sources such as DVD player.No
Coaxial OutputsNumber of coaxial digital outputs to loop digital information through.No
Optical InputsNumber of optical digital inputs to input digital sources such as DVD players.2
Optical OutputsNumber of optical digital outputs to loop digital sources through.No
Active Subwoofer OutputDoes it have a separate connection for an active (powered) subwoofer?Yes
Dedicated PortDoes it have a dedicated port for extras such as iPod dock, Bluetooth or DAB radio?No
Audio InputsNumber of audio inputs on both front and rear of unit.2
NetworkingNetworking Featuresclose
DLNA CompliantDLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. It is an alliance of interested bodies that help standardise streaming content. If a product is DLNA complaint you can be assured it will stream music from your PC, laptop to TV or other device.No
Wireless ConnectionWhether a wireless or, Wi-Fi, connection is included as standard or optional (via dongle). This allows for wireless connection to your home network hub.No
Internet Radio & ServicesDoes it have access to Internet radio and other online music services? This can be via control app rather than the unit itself.N
MultiroomDoes the product feature multiroom compatibility? This can either be passive (pre), which requires additional amplification or active (powered – just add speakers).No
Apple AirPlayDoes the unit support Apple AirPlay? Apple AirPlay lets you listen to your entire iTunes music library from a suitable iOS device such as iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Best of all, the system is wireless and so is ideal for building up a wireless multi-room system.No
BluetoothDoes the unit support Bluetooth? A built-in Bluetooth receiver lets you stream music from a suitably equipped device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.Yes
HDMI Zone OutDoes the product feature HDMI Zone out? This provides a second HDMI output to give the same or a different source sound and vision in another room. Watch TV in one room and a Blu-ray in another, for example.No
NFCNFC stands for Near Field Communication. This allows close proximity transfer of media simply by holding your tablet or smartphone next to the device.No
Green CredentialsEco Friendly Featuresclose
Eco FriendlyDoes this product conform to energy efficient standards? These standards include the American “Energy Star”, the European “Energy Flower” or “EcoLabel” and the UK EST (Energy Saving Trust) certification.No
Power Consumption – StandbyThis is the power used in watts when the unit is switched off but still powered at the mains and ready to be turned back on.NA
Power Consumption – Normal UseThis is the power used in watts when the unit is on, using standard settings. Note, different manufacturers use different methods to arrive at this figure. In some cases only the maximum power consumption is quoted.NA
GeneralGeneral Featuresclose
Tuner RadioType of radio built-in. DAB is Digital Audio Broadcasting.FM/AM
Remote ControlIs an Infra-red remote included?Yes
Smartphone RemoteCan you use a Smartphone (iPhone or Android) to control the unit?No
DimensionsDimensions of unit (W x D x H) mm.NA
WeightWeight of unit, unboxed, in KG.NA

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