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Paket Marantz Home theater SR 5009_Harmony Audio Dolby atmos

Paket Marantz Home theater SR 5009_Harmony Audio Dolby atmos
Ditambahkan pada : March 29th, 2014
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Kode Produk : sr5008-tav 406
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Marantz SR 5009 and Harmony Audio tav 606 Special Edition

,Great sound entertaintment


paket marantz sr 5009 all new with Harmony audio tav 606SE=19,999jt

limited stock

Spoiler for specs

The SR5009, also features the famous Marantz circular display, and it has the same networking facilities for audio streaming from PC and Android, Internet radio, online services and AirPlay from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It also includes decoders for standard audio as well as for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. And, it comes with no less than six HDMI inputs of which one is on the front – making it immediately ready for 3D / 4k video and ARC (Audio Return Channel) from ARC-compatible TV sets. Lower resolution video can be up-scaled to 4k too. It easily handles the most demanding of scenes in action films, as well as offering excellentquality music playback, thanks to the latest Marantz audio technologies. To ensure you get the best possible audio with compressed files from iPod via USB, the SR5007 offers 7x 100W rms and incorporates the M-DAX2 – Marantz Dynamic Expander version2. This neat little addition also optimises the quality of MP3 files from either CD or the optional Bluetooth Receiver RX101. Everything sounds clearer, more detailed, and more alive. To finish off, the SR5007 comes with a whole range of convenience features such as: Setup Assistant, “auto calibration” with Audyssey MultiEQ XT and Dynamic Volume Control; “Multi-Room” with multi-source flexibility; and “video-off” mode to ensure you enjoy your music and your movies in true dynamic Marantz style. It also has the specially developed Marantz Remote App for iPhone and Android devices. All of which makes the SR5007 a true combination of style, power and ease.
Main Features

– Discrete power amplification of 7x 100 Watts 8 ohms RMS
– Full 4k compatibility – Scaling – Pass through – GUI overlay
– DLNA1.5 Network audio streaming and Internet radio
– AirPlay and music service last.fm installed
– Audyssey MultEQ XT, Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume
– 6in / 1out HDMI (3D/ARC/CEC)
– Front HDMI input for quick connection of tablet, iPad/iPhone, camera, camcorder, etc.
– iPod / iPhone compatible USB input incl. iPad charging
– Multilingual Setup Assistant and Audyssey calibration makes hook up an easy task
– Multi room/Multi source
– Easy Remote Control and Marantz Remote App for advanced media browsing

Spoiler for review dari What hifi 


Having recenly replaced my 6 month old Yamaha RXV773 with the Marantz SR5008, I just wanted to say how amazing the Marantz sounded. When I pushed the Yamaha to high volumes (in YPAO natural mind) the sound started to distort and just sounded really harsh, but the Marantz sounded unbelievably clean and warm and just would not distort! Even the subtle back ground noises, like wind, rain, even Bilbo writing in the book at the beginning of The Hobbit, the Marantz played these sounds back so much clearer, I could barely hear these on the Yamaha. The sound just seems so much more immersive! Wether this is due to it having the latest current feedback topology and HDAM that was only on last years top of the range Marantz, I dunno, but it just sounds amazing!! I was unbelievably impressed with the sound! I’ve been looking for a Receiver with a warm to sound to it because I’m quite the audiophile and the Marantz is definitely it!

One thing I noticed right away though, considering there is only 5 watts of power between the two, Yamaha 95wpc and Marantz 100wpc, the Marantz goes unbelievably louder and has so much more dynamic range. Clearly Yamaha are still being a little inaccurate about there figures. I should know, my first amp was a Yamaha rxv467 rated at 75wpc, but the real life figure driving 5 channels was actually closer to 25wpc! I’m not trying to slate Yamaha here, I’ve owned Yamaha products before that have sounded brilliant, but when it comes to Av Receivers, the Marantz wins hands down!

Also this is my first time using Audyssey for calibration and I have to say, its a massive improvement for me over YPAO. Wether this be based on my room, who knows, but the sound was fantastic. I also really enjoy using the Dynamic EQ and Volume (light setting) at lower volumes at night. The sound from the rears is normally completely lost at low volumes but these two features bring the rear channels back into play and those boosts to subtle noise and quiet voices at the front of the room sound brilliant!

Anyway I just wanted to say, anyone who is in the market for a new Receiver really need to test the new Marantz

models! To me, they just sound the best I have heard!


High light specs:

Dolby atmos ,DTS X ,Airplay <HUGE power,sound quality ,network etc

Luxury power capacitors – Custom capacitors, larger values for Marantz SR7008 compared to the Denon AVR-X4000
Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAM’s) – A discrete preamplifier circuit module proprietary to Marantz that goes between the volume control and power amplifier section to further improve performance

Executive Overview
Every receiver manufacturer tries to carve out their own niche in the marketplace. Over the years, Marantz has made it clear they are targeting audiophiles, and so the story continues with their new lineup, the SR5008, SR6008, and SR7008. Replacing last year’s ’07 series (no, not the year 2007), the new ’08 receivers keep much of what we liked last year, but make some big changes as well. At the same time, the SR5008 and SR7008 also receive a bump in price.

Additionally, whenever Marantz or Denon release new receivers, someone is bound to claim the companies simply clone each others’ designs. Up until now, we’ve just taken Marantz at their word that there really are internal differences between the brands. However, this year we decided to reach out to D&M (The parent company of Denon and Marantz) and ask them what the differences really are. They responded with in depth diagrams and schematics, detailing the variations between the lineups. So, before we jump into this year’s new Marantz lineup, we’ll look at some of the general differences between the two manufacturing heavyweights.

What Makes a Marantz Different Than a Denon?
To start with, Denon and Marantz have difference engineering teams responsible for the final “house sound” of each brand. On the outside of each receiver, we can easily see that the front panels look different, the user interface is slightly modified, and Marantz tends to have higher quality binding posts and legacy audio support. But, what about differences we can’t readily see? What can you see if you krack open receivers from both companies? Below is a brief list of some, though not all, of the key differences between the two lineups. Note that these points are specific to the 08′ Marantz receivers versus the 2013 Denon X series. Also note that some of these differences only apply to certain receivers in the lineups.

Current feedback preamp topology – Allows for higher slew rate and lower distortion at all volume levels (particularly at low levels) than comparable voltage feedback designs


sub 90 v.2 front sub 90 v.2 back

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