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Power amp Kenwood KM-X 1000 Thx certified

Power amp Kenwood KM-X 1000 Thx certified
Ditambahkan pada : April 14th, 2013
Rp 2.850.000 Rp 3.999.000
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Kode Produk : km-x 1000
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Kategori : Amplifier Integrated
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Kenwood KM-X1000
130w x2 Channels – THX Certified= 2,850 jt

Spoilerfor specs lengkap kenwood km-x1000

Kenwood THX certified
KR-X1000 – 125 watts rms output per channel at 6 Ohms (Stereo mode); 130 watts rms output per channel LCR, 80 watts rms output per channel surrounds, all at 6 Ohms (Surround mode). Inputs/Outputs: 5 audio video inputs (including 2 record-out capable loops and 1 camcorder input on front panel), CD, 2 tape decks, phono; 1 monitor out. All video input/outputs come with S-video and composite on RCA. Line level input/outputs: sub-out, all other channels with pre-out and main-in. size 6 5/8″ H x 17 5/16″ W x 16 13/16″ D, weight 36.4 pounds, black metal chassis, non-grounded AC plug, with AC outlet (1 x 200 W max.). US$1100.KM-X1000 – 130 watts rms output per channel at 8 Ohms (Stereo); 270 watts rms output per channel at 8 Ohms (Bridged); size 4 7/16″ H x 17 5/16″ W x 15 1/2″ D, weight 29.4 pounds, black metal chassis, non-grounded AC plug, US$450.If you’re reading this, and you haven’t been on the moon for the past 2 years, then you know what THX is and what it means to the consumer shopping for a home theater system. Before I go into the review proper, I shall first categorize the different people that may put this system on their lists. First, there are those who’ve read a lot about home theater systems but don’t want to put together a combination of components from different manufacturers because they don’t want the hassle of figuring out how much power, how sensitive, how big, how small etc. These can also be divided into two sub-categories: those who already have a decent music-only system (of separates) and those with a decent Sony/JVC/Technics (or other such) mini-compo. The next group would be the dedicated music-only audiophiles who happen to have kids and/or also like watching movies but are too lazy to go to the cinema. They have an expensive multi-kilobuck system in the den but want to set up a home theater in another room so they can have friends/relatives over for a night of action and excitement with Arnie/Mr T-Rex/Darth Vader.

If I’ve described you above, read on; if not, read on anyway! I promise you’ll not be disappointed.

The Kenwood THX system:
I first heard the entire system at HEX 5 (Singapore, September 1995), and it (not to mince words) blew me away. I was impressed! I have always had a Kenwood in my system, because they provide a 24 month warranty on all their electronics. But this was serious. I would’ve spent the money on the Kenwood THX system because it was the best-sounding THX setup at the show! And it was a paltry Singapore Dollars$6969 (US$4150; US$4650 for system with a pair of SW-X1’s) for everything above (except only 1 sub, but they throw in an LD player).

For a better-than-decent THX home theater system, I can’t recommend the Kenwood system enough. For US$4650, you have everything you need for very good movie action sounds in a large room (in fact, it sounds better in a large room). When it has to, it also does delicate. However, on music, I’m afraid you need to look elsewhere, as the Kenwood system doesn’t cut it in that regard.

Sound Level (SPL) Measurements at various frequencies (Amplifier volume adjusted so that meter reading was 70 dB at 40 Hz and at 1 kHz):

Click HERE if your browser does not support tables.

Hz/dB: 20 25 31.5 40 50 80 100 125 160 200 1k 2.5k 5k 10k 12.5k 16k 20k
Stereo: 74 68 70 70 72 80 79 78 76 72 70 72 73 69 68 65 61
THX mode: 68 70 70 70 72 79 74 78 75 73 70 73 73 67 64 61 60

P.S. Hope U can understand the table. For example, at 50Hz, in Stereo mode, the response was 72dB, in THX (surround) mode, it’s also 72dB. At 200Hz, its 72 and 73dB respectively.

Daniel Long

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