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Power Audio Analog DONIZETTI

Power Audio Analog DONIZETTI
Ditambahkan pada : November 16th, 2015
Rp 2.500.000
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Kode Produk : Donzti
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Kategori : Amplifier Integrated, Amplifier PA
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Power audio analog 1pcs

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The Donizetti monoblock power amplifier is born with those characteristics that have become synonymous of Audio Analogue and of its “Great Composers” line: style, quality and that transparency, musicality and sonic purity tipically High-End with a remarkable value for money. Very appreciated in its previous stereo configuration, the Donizetti renews its great success thanks to better performances and more versatility.
The Donizetti is manifactured following criteria that usually belong to higher quality and more expensive devices.
The supply is oversized from the 350VA toroidal transformer up to the very fast and high capacity filter capacitors.
The discrete devices only amplifier circuit features FETs on the input and wideband transistors all over the voltage gain stages to minimize SID (slew induced distorsion).

The large bandwidth and the reduced open loop gain have made it possible to eliminate every compensation, mandatory in high gain designs but harmful for sound. “Intelligent” protection circuits interfaced with the new microcontroller management system allow for safe operation of the Donizetti without degradation.
The Donizetti has been designed for a wide range of audio uses.
Home Video fans will appreciate the automatic stand by feature that allows the amplifiers to be continuously operative in their multichannel system.

On the other hand, purists will be able to deactivate automatic stand by acting on the appropriate internal jumper.
The Donizetti can be easily used for multiamplification thanks to the second RCA connector which allows the signal coming from the preamplifier to be fed another power amplifier.
The advanced fiberglass two layers printed circuit board allows for wiring reduction: actually only power cables are kept to avoid bottlenecks for current delivery if made by tracks.

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