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Weiduka Ac 8.8 Power Purifier Filtering For Audio And Video System

Weiduka Ac 8.8 Power Purifier Filtering For Audio And Video System
Ditambahkan pada : June 29th, 2017
Rp 999.000 Rp 1.250.000
Stock : Tersedia
Kode Produk : AC 8.8
Dilihat : 1,515 kali
Kategori : Kabel Dan Accesories, Terlaris
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WEIDUKA AC8.8 New model -2018

Doble layer LED display nya
lebih high performance
for : filtering ,purifier and magnificent
meningkatakan performa audio dan video ,arus listrik makin murni dan bersih
suara dijamin meningkat drastis ,video lebih halus

NEW Weiduka AC 8.8 3KW15A Digital LED Power Filter Advanced Audio Power PurifierThe newest embedded square LCD display table headers, so that the sewing machine looks more compact, avoiding accidental collision damage to the table header, voltage direct intuitive reflect. More detailed shell process for aluminum panel drawing process, more stylish, shiny appearance. Internal process on all models more excellence, this is definitely a good partner Hi-Fi.
A unique patented non-inductive filtering, traditional inductive filtering component, not only can effectively eliminate interference and noise in the network and can be reduced to a minimum, and you can make the Hi-Fi, AV audio music signal transmission faster, music better low-frequency response, AV, Hi-Fi music, amp frequency response and sound field level, detail-rich, low bass; in Visual, auditory system can be enhanced analytical capacities, dudie allows the stereo image layering better, reduces coloring (color purity), removal of background noise pitting (improving clarity) can get good results, so you get the perfect effect!
3000W strong load power, together with its two-inductor-current filter, can easily bring all kinds of HiFi, AV equipment, 27 to 50-inch large color TV, three shots projection, LCD rear projection, high-power amplifier and various theater equipment.
Made of imported high-quality components common mode, differential mode AC power supply filter, with surge surge absorption, lightning, the current automatic circuit overload protection. Analog output with professional-level AC voltage meter header, filter output at any time direct the level of AC voltage 220



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