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Salam buat AUDIOHOMETHEATRE lovers
*2019 Hot Package and PromoProduct 
1.Paket Denon X250 BT + free Speaker Dm series 5.1 satelite sound quality 
   room small-medium Dilengkapi dgn music bt ,wifi ,DTS HD dll
  Harga hanya :7,500 jt perpaket sudah terasuk kabel kabel speaker dan bracket


2.Promo new old stock 2019 
Speaker Infinity Center c250 new 
hanya 1,450 jt
High quality center speaker diameter lebar dan suara soft dan menonjol mid tebal
sehingga vokal dialog akan terdengar jelas dan clear
 Marantz NR1605
THE GOOD The Marantz NR1605 stands slimmer and looks sleeker than typical boxy AV receivers. It packs a host of must-have features, including eight HDMI inputs, 4K Ultra HD 60Hz pass-through, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, and front-panel USB. Its sound quality is excellent, with enough power for most surround speaker systems.THE BAD This receiver’s 50 watts per channel may lack muscle for more power-hungry buyers.

THE BOTTOM LINE The slim, compact Marantz NR1605 provides excellent sound quality and thoroughly up-to-date features, making it one of our favorites for the price.


There is a prevailing theory that all home theater receivers sound the same. Sometimes that theory holds water, but other times it’s pretty easy to show the disparities.

If you put the likes of the $700 Marantz NR1605 alongside a $100 Sherwood, you will definitely hear a difference. We even heard an (admittedly lesser) difference between the Marantz and one of our favorite Sonys, which costs $100 less. It’s all about voicing, and Marantz is one of the least expensive of a breed of amplifiers that include the likes of Rotel and NAD in a “music first” philosophy. Marantz also stands apart from those two brands in that it’s quicker to adapt to new features like Spotify Connect and 4K compatibility.

Sound quality aside, the NR1605 is also one of the nicest-looking full-fledged AV receivers to grace an audio cabinet. The key is its slimmer height, complemented by graceful (for a receiver) curves that further reduce the typical boxy look.

For the money the NR1605 can hardly be called a “steal,” but it offers pretty much everything you might need to start a kracking home cinema system for a small to medium sized room. If you want even more power you can trade up to the “full-size” SR5009 for an extra 200 bucks, but doesn’t offer much in the way of extra features.

The Marantz NR1605 is available for $699, £389 in the UK and AU$1,150 in Australia.


specs Boston
Boston Acoustics has already tasted success with its SoundWare packages. The SoundWare XS won an Award back in 2010, while its most recent incarnation, the ‘XS 5.1 SE’ earned a five-star review in our January 2012 issue.Now, hot off the production line, comes the SoundWare S. It’s a slightly larger set-up than the SE version, as the mid/bass driver in each satellite is 2cm wider at 9cm, while the tweeter is 6mm wider, at 2cm.

Weighty yet composed soundThis still equates to a petite satellite speaker (available in a high-gloss black or white), which can be tucked away in a living room with minimal fuss.

The ported sub is twice as powerful as the one found with the XS SE package, and it also uses a larger, 10-inch driver.

A couple of things haven’t changed, though: wall brackets are still provided in the box and each speaker still has grooves in the casing and spring-loaded terminals to keep set-up speedy and relatively tidy.

Read more at http://www.whathifi.com/boston-acous…J6ydE4IGCOS.99




2.Paketan Home Karaoke Jbl Master




paket Karaoke Jbl original RM 10 dgn Amplifier Karaoke Master 9900,paket Sq Pahe 1,harga :6.500.000 saja

Terdiri dari :
1.speaker Jbl Rm 10 ,new exdisplay
2.amp Master 9900
3 mic input ,Music selector A B
DSP sonic maximizer
Low mixer ,Hi mixer
Low ,mid ,High gain processor
450 watt ×2
4 chanel out speaker ,2 out
Separate power Cord




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